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The AE-Engine is the last end never finished soft synth, I developed with Synthmaker in the year 2012. I decided to publish it as a free download for any one who is interested. In the download you wil find a standalone version, and a 32bit VST version.
  • Dual Analog subtracktive Engine
  • Multi screen layout,
  • Monophonic, polyphonic and unison play modes, up to 16 voices
  • 2 advanced dual wave oscilators
  • 2 multi mode filters
  • 2 Amplfier modules with original Ftec-Audio developed wave shifting function
  • 2 Envelope generators, 2 LFO modules, 2 Wobbler modules, 2 modulation mixers
  • 3 module inserts with multiple filter, LOFI and distortion efects
  • 3 insert FX modules with chorus, delay and reverb
  • 2 32 cell sequencer, arpegiator strips with flexible insert feature

Use "http://www.ftec-audio.com/AE-Engine/" if you want to place a link on your site to this site AE-Engine link


I started developing Synthmaker Softsynth's in 2007 (see Projects) The AE-Engine is the last most complex one. The initial idea was to develop a synt that could be used as a plugin for the Native Instruments "Mashine". I never finished it because I was crossing the bounderies of what Syntmaker could do and because the 32bit VST eara came to an end. Now 2019 Synthmaker is not supported any more and is followed up by DSP Robotics "Flowstone". Since a discussion started on the DSPRobotics website about the old Synthmaker software and the massive amount of information about developing music software that is now not available any more, I decide to offer this software for free.


You can download both the 32bit standalone and 32bit VST version of the software through this link. Download

Flowstone, www.dsprobotics.com
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