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The Formant Classic Advanced is an extended Donation Ware version of the "Formant Classic" Free Ware version based on the legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Your self) synthesizer of 1977/78 . It is available as a standalone version and VSTi plugin version for Microsoft based computers.
  • Analog subtracktive semi modular design
  • Monophonic, polyphonic and unison play modes, up to 16 voices
  • Enhanced modulation possibilities e.g. single voice aftertouch in poly patch
  • 32 cell polyphonic sequencer with independant trigger, pitch, gate and modulation strips
  • Polyphonic Arpegiator that can use sequencer cells for special arpegiations
  • Effect module with Panning, Chorus/Flanger, Ring Modulation, stereo/cross Delay and Reverb
  • Flexible patch play parameter assignment
  • Automatic sequencer, arpegiator, LFO's and delay effect tempo and position syncing to host
  • Both standalone (.exe) and VSTi plugin (.dll) versions available

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The "Formant Classic Advanced" is as the name indicates an extended version of the "Formant Classic" that I released in 2010 as a Freeware soft synth.

The orignal "Formant" is a Semi Modular Analog Subtractive synthesizer design by C. Chapman. It was published as a do it youre self (DIY) building project in electronics magazine Elektor in 1977/78. As a tribute to this great synth design I developed the first "Formant Classic" in 2008 as an Open Source project. In 2010 I decided to finish the project my self and to release the "Formant Classic" as a Freeware soft synth.

Physical Modular synthesizers as the "Elektor Formant" are verywell suited to be expanded to very large machines with numerous original and/or custom designed modules. These machines are mainly used to compose experimental electronic music.

I Took it upon me to develop some new creative modules for the "Formant Classic" and release them under the not so creative name "Formant Classic Advanced" as a Donationware VSTi plugin or standalone software synthesizer for windows based computers.

New and improved modules

In the "Formant classic advanced" I added some new non formant modules and improved the classic modules. An other feature I implemented is a 100% automatic vst host syncing capability. This enables you to sync arpegiator, sequencer and LFO's to the host tempo and song position.

New non "Formant" modules

  • 3 Mix Modules To combine modulation and/or audio signals and use them as new modulations.
  • 1 Effect module with Chorus/Flanger, Ring Modulator, Synced Stereo Cross Delay and Reverb.
  • a 32 cell polyphonic sequencer with seperate Pitch, Gate and Modulation strips
  • a polyphonic Arpegiator that can use sequencer cells for special arpegiations.
New,Improved "Formant" Modules
  • 1 COM module for bass, middle and trebble adjustment plus extra distortion.
  • New 6,12,18,24dB LP/HP filter conform the original formant design
  • Better ballanced RFM module with softclip for special destortions
  • 1 S&H and Ring Modulater Module
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