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The Formant Classic is a tribute to the legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Your self) synthesizer of 1977/78

Belangrijk nieuws voor "Interface" lezers!!

  • Replica+ of the Legendary Elektor Formant
  • Semi Modular Subtracktive Synthesis concept
  • 3xVCO, 2xVCF, 2xADSR, 1xVCA, 1xRFM, 3xLFO, 1xNOISE, 1xCOM(scope) modules
  • Keyboard interface with Flexible Midi controller assignment
  • Mono, Poly and Unison voice sellection
  • Velocity sensetive ADSR's
  • Suitable for educational purposes

Denis Meyer playing the Formant
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(April 2008) A few months ago I sent a mail to editorial department of the Dutch issue of the electronic magazine "Elektor" about the HV-Formant softsynth I am developing. I am a member of this magazine since 1976 and in the year 1977/78 they published the FORMANT syntesizer as an electronic DIY (Do It Youre self) project. I have build this synthesizer in the eighties and to my regret took it apart a few years later. It was however such a good design that I used it as base for the HV-Formant. I asked them if I could use the name Formant in my project and if they were interested in publishing an article about it. Today received a mail in where they asked me to write a short article on the subject.

Because the HV-Formant is intended to be a commercial product for musicians I decided to start the "Formant Classic" project as a tribute to the original FORMANT and the Elektor magazine.

Project Goal

The original formant was an Elektor DIY (Do It your Self) project from the late seventies. It gave the electronics hobbyist the opportunity to build an interesting new musical instrument at a fraction of the cost of commercial competitors. By building it you learned a lot about electronics and how analog subtracktive synthesizers work. The software version "Formant Classic" should serve the same purpose as his predecessor. It should be fun and educational to use this synth.

Project Participation


If you are just interested in checking out the latest version of this synth for personal use you can do so, free of charge. Feel free to design your own sounds. If you think they are worthwhile you can mail them to info@ftec-audio.com and be an active contributor to this project. Download Area


The Formant classic is very well suited for educational puposes. If you are an educatinal organisation and want to use this version (or an addopted version that suites youre needs) as part of youre lesson material, you contact me.


If you want to participate in the development of this synth or want to use the source code as basis for youre own design, you can sent an email to info@ftec-audio.com.

The "Formant Classic" is build with Synthmaker. To take part in the actual development you need this program. You can download a one month trial version from www.synthmaker.com. If you decide to buy the program, it wil cost you 95,- euro's for a personal edition or 185,- euro's for a Standard edition.


If you really appreciate this project and want to motivate me to continue, than feel free to make a donation.

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